Barcode Ribbon

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of Barcode Ribbon. Our Barcode Ribbons are suitable for all major printer brands. Barcode Ribbon is used in printers for printing the labels. While choosing the Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbons, clients must keep in mind that the ribbons must be approved to be used on particular printers to ensure the right quality of printing and for long life of the printers. We offer Barcode Ribbons in different types catering to different applications and the models of printers.

    Ribbons Type
  • Wax, Wax-Resin & Resin Tharmal Transfer

  • Thermal transfer ribbon
  • Ink outside and ink inside
  • 1"core width and 1/2"core width
  • Wax barcode ribbon, wax/resin barcode ribbon, resin barcode ribbon, super resin TTR
  • Both for flat edge printers and near edge printers
  • Width and Length all can be customize
  • Wax ribbon, wax resin and resin ribbons
  • Thermal transfer ribbon wax ribbon
  • High resistant to static, scratch and smear